Breaking Bad Episode Guide

Breaking Bad is a hit television aired on the cable network AMC. It revolves around the story of central character, Walter White played by Bryan Cranston. Walter (those that know him call him Walt) is a 50 year old High School Chemistry teacher from Albuquerque New Mexico. He is a mild mannered man and is often pushed around by others. Life couldn’t be more depressing for Walt and to make matters worse, he is diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

breaking bad episode guide

Fearing that he is done for, he decides that he must create enough wealth to support his family once he is gone and neither teaching or his second job at a car wash is going cut it.

Walts brother in law Hank (Dean Norris) is a DEA agent with a passion for taking down those involved in the drug trade. Upon seeing Hank on TV with a haul of money from a recent crystal meth drug bust, Walt decides that this is the answer he has been looking for.

Walt knows that he can use his Chemistry knowledge to create a product better than anything on the market. But he needs somebody that knows the market and therefore turns to an old student of his, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) for help.

Together they begin cooking crystal meth in a beat up RV in the middle of nowhere. But Walt quickly learns that this business is far from straightforward and is full of danger. Therefore he creates an alter ego for himself, Heisenberg, the complete opposite of who is really is. Walt feels this this is the only way he will survive in the drug world.

And thus begins the adventure that will change the lives of not just Walt but everybody he knows and loves.

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